“A narrow portal now stood where the oracles once were. One sacrificed to free the other, who would guide her in the end… but not before she faced the glowing figure in the passageway, her true self reflecting back at her. The prophecy had come to pass.”


Precariously balancing two surfaces, wall and floor, Portal is neither sconce nor floor lamp, and yet it is also curiously both. The elongated form and reflective, polished brass core nod to the mirror as a literary object of magic, a portal to other worlds. Each floor lamp is machined from a single block of solid aluminum, refined by artisans, anodized, and then assembled with a hand-polished brass mirror. Portal is a collaboration between Lake + Wells and Karice.


Anodized Aluminum Frame: Golden Bronze, Black

Mirror: Polished Brass, Polished Stainless Steel