"Into the depths of sea I slipped only to find the eternal tinder of your watchful flames burn steadfast, a bastion. Even now, from that unpaved foothold at the world’s edge in that precarious crevice tightly bound both by memory and the uncanny, I feel your glow."


Faaro is an artisan-crafted table lamp inspired by and named after the fire and glow of a lighthouse (from Spanish faro).  It features a mouth-blown glass shade with a wood-grain-like texture created from the mold process which subtly obscures a glowing filament bulb. The glass sits atop a solid cast concrete base, separated by a mirror-polished plate which transitions the two materials together. Faaro is completely made in the US and assembled with UL listed components.

The three elements of Faaro were developed with three different artisans, each one hand-picked for their mastery of a particular material.  The result of this iterative development and collaboration is a uniquely hand-formed, but simultaneously precise design.


GLASS: Clear, Smoke, Opaque White

METAL: Polished Copper, Polished Nickel

CAST CONCRETE: Black, Grey, White