“Lingering in the seam of the unseen, he straddled realities unspoken but known. They lay hidden, until the boy, that is. He tore the veil and awoke them from their bridled slumber.”

The Art Series transforms art into shelving and back again with magnetic panels that can be customized and changed as often as you’d like. High resolution artwork panels display custom prints of any photograph, illustration, graphic, color, or pattern. Core material options include chalkboard, whiteboard, or paintable artist canvas. All panels are interchangeable and reusable, allowing Riveli to evolve with and refresh any space.

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Riveli is sold in four rail length options that can be combined and arranged on your wall in any configuration.


ANODIZED ALUMINUM: Silver, Gold, Black, Copper

MAGNETIC PANELS: Custom Printed Artwork, Whiteboard, Chalkboard, Artist Canvas


Riveli Shelf is Patent Protected - U.S. Pat. No. 8,665,583