“The reflection of her form revolved, slowly, in the weight of his eyes, where dark met light, eclipsing, with shadows like perspectives, shifting, just as every legend that ever would be on that eternal ellipsis.”

Oona Mini is an artisan-crafted hanging pendant featuring a hand-finished, formed metal "eyelid" which rotates around a hand-blown glass form, revealing the polished finish of the lid's interior. The interior luster directs the lamp's glow. As it is set and reset, it transforms both itself and the space around it. Whether a single pendant or a grouping of multiples is commissioned, every installation is unique and made to order.


Oona Mini pendants are sold in custom arrangements as well as standard groupings of 1, 3, 5, and 8. Configurations, canopies, and drop length can be customized for bespoke installations. 


FORMED BRASS: Golden Bronze, Bronze, Blackened, Polished Nickel

GLASS: Clear or Smoked